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Netatmo’s weather app does have a feature where you can share your data with its user-generated weather map, but this feature is optional if you’re worried about privacy concerns. With four separate weather sources at its disposal, including Dark Sky, it’s one of the most accurate weather apps out there. WeatherCat can also send your weather data to the Weather Underground , the Citizens Weather Observer Program (C.W.O.P.), the Met-Office WOW program, PWSWeather, WeatherBug, OpenWeatherMap and WeatherCloud. AccuWeather is an excellent app that provides hourly, daily and 15-day weather forecasts, which you can integrate with your calendar.

The MinuteCast feature even provides hyper-local, minute-by-minute forecasts for the next two hours. If you’ve got any extended trips in your future, Weather on the Way can be a helpful companion to make sure that you arrive safely at your free software download sites destination. A Supercharge subscription to Weather Line costs $1.99 a month or $9.99 if you opt for an annual subscription; a lifetime unlocks costs $44.99. In addition to the 10-day forecast feature, subscriptions include a 72-hour forecast, animated radar, by-the-minute rain forecasts, and all the themes and app icons. The app pulls data from Dark Sky to provide current, hourly, and 7-day forecasts leavened with sarcastic humor to cushion even the gloomiest outlook.

Just about all weather stations these days operate wirelessly, so your instruments will run on either battery or solar power. Avoid stations that rely mostly or solely on solar power, as a few dreary days can prevent the instruments from have energy stored to do their job. Battery-operated or solar-assisted units are the best choice—you might need to change the batteries once a year.

But its best feature is not necessarily visible to you, at least not initially. Once your station is up and reporting, your data is incorporated into WeatherFlow’s network to produce better forecasts. Instead of using a tipping-bucket mechanism, a standard method for home weather stations for more than two decades, the Tempest measures rainfall by sensing raindrops striking the Tempest’s top. The WMR89A is a solid choice for someone who’s looking for a basic weather station to stay on top of mother nature. The lack of Internet connectivity is disappointing, however, considering this was included in earlier models; and Oregon Scientific’s desktop application is confusing. The AcuRite Atlas is a great value in personal weather stations with near prosumer-level accuracy. It still needs more smart home capabilities, however, and hopefully the lightning detection isn’t as glitchy as some claim.

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Infographics put useful information in quick reach, with more detailed meteorological data available as you tap and swipe. You can even configure Carrot’s sense of humor to be friendly, snarky, or murderous, with the ability to set how political the AI’s jokes can get.

Owning a personal weather station is one way to stay on top of mother nature. Yes, you can open an app, but the information there is from a remote station miles away and up to an hour old. With a home weather station, you get up-to-minute information on what she’s up to doing right outside your door. We like the Netatmo Weather Station because it comes with a design you won’t might sitting inconspicuously on your kitchen counter.

I’ll chalk this success up to the Tempest having much higher quality light sensors than other weather stations I’ve tested. The quick installation of the Tempest starts everything off on the right foot. But poor user experience can ruin everything, and over the years, I’ve run into my share of quirks and frustrations with various weather stations.

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Check out 15 of the best weather apps for Android and iOS devices. I’ve had a lifelong interest in the weather spanning more than 30 years, culminating with the pursuit of a Meteorology degree from Millersville University in Pennsylvania.

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